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InspectPro At Your Service

Quality inspections begin with quality inspectors. Our inspectors are uniquely qualified to bring you unmatched inspection services.

We independently represent the client’s best interests because inspection is our only business. In the unregulated home inspection industry, we offer unmatched professional credentials and integrity. We are committed to providing the best service for the exclusive benefit of our clients.


We make sure your inspector is a superior technical professional who also has great communication skills. Extensive on-site experience representing clients and owners through all aspects of property inspections. Diversified experience performing inspection and construction knowledge for all types of construction and all building trades. Decades of progressive quality control experience on construction projects throughout the United States.

When you hire a home inspector from InspectPro, you are hiring an experienced professional who has training and experience in the building industry.

Our Promise



having knowledge or skill in a partic
ular field, especially a profession or job, gained over a period of time.




a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job



= noun

firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.


Reliable Service


consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.

We'll Get You Moving. Our Quality Guarantee

Our company is dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your purchase. We thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose unknown defects and offer advice about how to maintain your home. Our company will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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